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Nell Carter

The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies
 by David Deutsch and Joshua Neuman

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Cute Jewish Boys! - Jews on Film! - Jews in Space! - NOT Jews! - Jews!

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Feygeleh Schmeygeleh!

My desperate hope is that I can revive the cult of the Barry Sisters, who sing almost entirely in Yiddish.  You can CLICK HERE to hear my favourite Barry Sisters song on RealAudio!  If you can't listen to the clip, you'll just have to TRUST ME and buy their CDs on

ROBBY BENSON is the Cutest Jewish Boy of All. Lest you forget, you'd better visit the Shameless Robby Benson Page. Oy!  With a face like that, his name should be Robby Bentshen!

Don't you want to see more Cute Jewish Boys? We thought so. Please visit the Virtual Faygeleh Cute Jewish Boys Gallery!

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