"Nana Buruku" by Shloma Rosenberg

by Shloma Rosenberg, Babalorisha Afolabi Awoyoyomi, Oni Yemoja

I am the senior priest of Ile Afolabi, centred in the Detroit, Michigan area. We are a religiously orthodox but socially and politically revolutionary house of the Culo Verde lineage of the Santeria / Lukumi tradition. I have been immersed in the tradition for 25 years and am dedicated to spreading the tradition faithful to our ritual lineage but in a socially progressive way. We have members all over the US as well as in England, Ireland, and Canada.

Many of these essays were written over 20 years ago (particularly the stories of Oba, Ogun, and Olokun, but others as well). Some need to be modified, but I still believe they hold up well. Keep your eyes peeled for more articles to come!

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The Religion




  • Lineage and Its Importance
  • Still Shoving- Queer and Lukumi in the 21st Century
  • The Myth of Secrecy -- Privacy as a Priest; When It's Important and When It's Not
  • Religious and Spiritual Terrorism
  • Desperate But Not Serious -- Anglo Americans and the Crapping Ons They Will Tolerate to be a Part of It All